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Being home this week has been exactly what I needed. Although the week found a way to fill in with meetings, family sessions and quite a bit of work - There has been no stress, and I have really just felt free in my creative process lately. To the photographers, and artists reading this that are feeling a sense of uncertainty or hesitance when it comes to just going for what you FEEL like shooting or creating, JUST DO IT. Yesterday I shot freely, I challenged my natural instincts to perfectly compose each shot in camera, I clicked the shutter over a thousand times and just let my camera breathe. I shot without reserve or restraint. Many of us in creative fields are always balancing our artful side & our “providing a service” side. I sometimes become too confined when shooting because “I need to provide a gallery with x amount of images” so I play it safe. I fall back on my “safety” shots. But I finally feel at a place in business where I can really let my creative side become heavier than my “providing a service” side. What I am trying to say is, in a town full of photographers, (many very good ones) instagrammers & designers - The only thing that will set you apart from the rest is YOU. People are going to invest in people that have invested in themselves, the people who have put themselves in their work. We are all different. That is the beauty of it. Embrace yourself. Embrace your mistakes, your process & your ideas. Because they are good. If you’re feeling stuck or in a place where you haven’t felt inspired, my advice is to take some time without a real client. Go back to YOU. Forget the prompts and the generic poses that we all have learned. Shoot totally from the heart. Have faith in YOU. Don’t copy other successful personalities and try to duplicate them. The only thing that is going to help you stand a part is allowing your true original expression to come through in everything you do. I felt that I was learning so much of the same thing every where I turned, including the great online courses, the best workshops around, and all the videos I can find. It’s all the same. I found myself falling into these safe, predictable techniques & poses. But that all came from not having enough confidence to put more of myself in what I do. This past year, and even more so lately I have been. It’s been liberating, challenging, and most of all incredible for progressing in my business and brand. Being yourself is the only way you are going to stand apart from the crowd. Go practice doing you.

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