Marrakech Riad Engagement Sessio

Darija & Nemanja

The beauty of Marrakech was never ending. As the sun set over the rooftop of our Riad, we sipped on mint tea, lounged by the pool, inhaled all the incredible smells of spices and dishes (and of course some other stranger smells of all kinds of unusual wild-life in the streets) We ran around the busy, beautiful narrow clay-tinted corridors that mazed through the town. Darija & Nemanja journeyed from Siberia to come and explore the beautiful palaces & pleasantly chaotic streets of the city. This was our very first shoot in Marrakech, and I was so over whelmed with how perfect and beautiful everything was. Each second I was there felt like some kind of magical dream gift that continued to inspire & fulfill so much of something that I didn’t even know I was searching for. I knew that after the past year, It was going to take a lot for me to take out my support system, and the comfort of being home. Being in my town. Being with my family. All things that are so very important to me. I had read a quote during my adventures that read “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” I felt that. My dreams are always evolving and growing, my heart and my brain are on a direct path that is centered on healing, growing, becoming a better everything. A more intentful artist, A more present perso,. A wiser businessgal, A more knowledgable photographer, and essentially a more experienced person. Always becoming more me, every where I go and everyone I meet.