Parisian Bridal Editorial

There is only one corner of the world you can be certain of improving, and that is your own self
— Aldous Huxley

I was planning to publish these when I launched the first issue of Boots&Honey - But now I have a new plan to launch the bridal site with a more local editorial. So this means, its time to write about my Parisian Bridal dream day! Business gal-life has been such a learning curve, and I really had to learn pretty fast. In 2019, I needed to challenge myself. I needed to do something entirely different, entirely on my own, and put myself an a completely unique atmosphere unlike anything I had experienced so far. When I knew I would be in Europe visiting my sister, I thought about what I can do & shoot. I really didn’t feel excited or inspired when I thought about just shooting a couple with the Eiffel tower in the background. It just felt like it had all been done before. I had seen hundreds of couples photos in Paris. I just wanted to do something completely original. Completely different. This editorial was kind of a gift to myself. An intentional & purposeful contribution to the betterment of both myself & my business. So, I searched out the best Parisian wedding planner & stylist that I could find, Kasia Wright of French Grey Events // Vivienne Paris Bride and hired her to help me make my Parisian bridal dream come true. We then hired high end fashion model, Justine Soranzo who had quite the resume and experience working with some of the globes most successful brands, as well as hair and make-up by The French Beauty to complete our little dream team for the day. Justine crushed it in the modern Hello High Low jumpsuit, and Prosecco Gown by Sarah Seven, who’s feminine, sleek gowns are totally gorgeous. I think this shoot had opened up a new perspective for me. It made me understand that everything that I can imagine, can become a reality. I want people to feel like if they want to do something in this world, that it is all so very possible. It is all so simple. If you have an idea, or a vision, something that really truly inspires you. It is so much closer to you than you realize. Throughout my journey of diving into a creative career, I have learned that there are no shortcuts. Real progress, and real happiness can only come from truly earning it. There is nothing stopping you from achieving it. Yes, you can afford it. Yes, you have the time. You can make it happen. It doesn’t have to be a fashion editorial in the middle of Paris, or traveling the world. it could be something that just works for you. What inspires you? What do you see when you think about something that would make you so incredibly happy? What is the first step in making it a reality? Even if it’s 10 years from now, tomorrow, or next year. You are so capable of making every little dream you have a reality. Everyone is.