Portland Adventures with MC + Drew

I spent Friday afternoon with some home-town friends in a whole new place. Mary Claire & Drew moved to Portland a few weeks ago, and it seemed clear to me that they are just totally loving their fresh new experience here. We danced in the kitchen, we ate fancy donuts, strolled through the neighborhoods, laughed in the rain, and ate lots of Japanese food. It was very Portland, and it was very fun. We caught up on a whole lot of heavy & light things that life has taught us lately. These two are always great company and I always feel a sense of merriness after being around them. Portland is a strange, delicious and interesting place. It’ progressive and it shows around every corner. In some ways, it is refreshing, in other ways it is revealing. I thought it was really interesting to see the forward-thinking ideas truly being applied in a very real and operating society. This was a little glimpse of a day in their life Portland, and it was lovely to be a part of it.