Why your hometown is the most beautiful place ever - Wilkes Barre Area Mentor Session

We have all contemplated one way or another about how our environment plays a role in why we aren’t achieving our goals. I grew up in South Wilkes-Barre, a really small city that is believed to be so economically and culturally malnourished. I grew up in a cul-de-sac, and shopped at the Gap. Now, I get it. That doesn’t sound very “worldly”. But it is who I am, and it’s how I was raised and I am so grateful for that. I’ve never felt a victim to my surroundings, even in the wake of the unfortunate circumstances we have been healing from recently. I think a huge advantage that I have had in business, is embracing my home. There is so much beauty that radiates from who we are when we celebrate where we come from, and the community and loved ones who played a role in shaping our curious, eager, energetic, anxious artist hearts. I credit so much of my small victories to the people in my community that believed in me, encouraged and supported me in so many ways. Every day I think about how much I appreciate the support that I have in my hometown.

I had a mentor session yesterday with Emilee, who is from upstate New York and drove down to learn all my thoughts on business, marketing, branding, and the ups and downs of going full time. Most photographers from the east coast feel like they don’t have the gorgeous landscapes at our fingertips like artist in Utah, Portland, Colorado and all the beautiful state-side backdrops to make for incredible photos. It was so great to shoot with her, and watch her excitement as we shot Jette & Tristen (who drove here from Harrisburg). I know that feeling of excitement when I am in a session or at a wedding and I just got such a beautiful, new, fresh capture. It happens all the time and I am excited every single time I shoot with my clients. Its a really amazing feeling to be able to recreate that every time I shoot. After talking about everything from story telling, to composition, to financial goals I think the most valuable thing I could have talked about was just embracing your home, embracing who you are, and putting that into your brand. I know it has been one of the single most valuable aspects of my business mentality.

Your hometown is the most beautiful place is ever because it is yours. It’s a part of you. You are in charge of how it makes you feel. You are in charge of your own opportunities, your own drive, and most of all your own luck. I am so grateful to have Wilkes Barre, and Northeast Pennsylvania as my home. Life is full of difficult challenges, unexpected losses, and straight up derailments to our path. Its’ not about what has happened to us, or what we don’t have. It’s about how you react to the chapters in your life and what you do with what you have within your reach.