For Photographers: Why your clients are a lot more than "wildly adventurous at heart." And, why you need to stop calling them that.

The only thing you have to do is be yourself, and thats exactly what your clients have to do too. Do not duplicate other successful personalities. As a photographer, you will only go further into a path that simply just won’t lead to the universe naturally creating magic for you, your clients, and your art. We have all been there. Trying to find ourselves within our brand, trying to target a very specific person that we feel will be the best fit for our “aesthetic”. What I have learned is that, It’s not about my “aesthetic”. To be honest, its not even about my “brand”. It’s about my clients. It’s about their lives. It’s about letting them be themselves, and feeling really good about it. I’ve had clients call me nervous saying that “I just don’t know if I can wear some of the things I see in your sessions, or I just don’t know if I can fit your style” and my first reply is that, you don’t have to try to fit into anything other then who you are. In fact, most of my clients get married in churches. Most of them value tradition, some value the very non-traditional. My clients are all so vastly different and interesting. The one thing that most of my clients DO have in common is that, they put their true personality into everything they do, including their wedding, and engagement session. That is the beauty of my sessions, that is where you pull the magic out of someone. Giving them the confidence by celebrating every aspect of their personality. Being a photographer is so personality based, we all do things in our own way they reflects our personality. I am willing to bet that your clients are very dynamic people, a dynamic that is much deeper than the flowy outfits they chose to dance in, in the meadow at sunset. I challenge you to dig as deep as you can with your sessions, do something you have never done, create something you have never created. Do something that will challenge you. That’s how you find yourself as an artist. That is what people want to invest in, that is what people will “follow”, that is what clients will pay extra for. I see these descriptions every where, “For the adventurous at heart” or “REAL. AUTHENTIC. MOMENTS”. Use your OWN voice. Use your OWN language. If you aren’t being original in exactly who you are, and what represents your" “brand” there is a good chance your clients won’t feel comfortable tapping into who they are in front of you, which is what we are in this business for. To truly pull the person through every photograph. To pull so many pieces of their dynamic personality through every single picture. It is the most important thing you can do in business is to stay true to your core. An “ideal” client is someone who is totally confident in your ability to capture them as who they really are.

Yesterday, I shot with Mark and Kirsta at Ricketts Glen, a place where they hike often through the waterfalls. I didn’t get a chance to really direct them much because of the sound of the falls and the distance I was shooting, but I mostly just told them to go be with each-other and have a little fun, the wind made for some really pretty dress shots! I am looking forward to spending their wedding day them next year.

Brittany Boote