Thoughts on growing up & figuring it out - Anchorage Engagement Session

It was summer in Alaska. The night never showed up, so I shot for hours and hours in a new landscape and I was basically running off of excitement and the fact that no matter what angle I turned there was something really amazing in front of me. Wildflowers. Mountains. The coast. The city of Anchorage. The beauty of the new friends I was meeting. The connection between all of these things. We shot this Alaskan engagement session our second day in Anchorage. It was beautiful and really special to get to capture this small hang between the coast and the mountains just outside of town. I have learned so much visiting so many new places this year. It has brought me a really satisfying sense of affinity and appreciation for each opportunity and experience. I know that there are no shortcuts to happiness. I realize that only comes by being earned. Real happiness anyway. You can’t really enjoy anything unless you know how hard you worked for it. I didn’t always think that way. I spent my twenties bouncing through the weeks, bartending, socializing, not missing a show or an event. I stayed up late, danced under stoplights, and on rooftops, had conversations that I was certain were close to solving every existential mystery of the universe. I had a movie-like romance with my life. I remember always reminding myself to be present, and to remember that “this was my twenties” and that It would fly by, like a crush you have or some other fleeting moment. Everyones path is different, and it is important to realize that. Sometimes I feel insecure about not having a degree, or that I didn’t apply myself enough in high school. I had no fantasies about “the big picture” or where I would be in five years. I felt like all I had to hang onto, was the passing nights and all the fun things I couldn’t miss. I worried that I would forget what it was like to be seventeen, or twenty three. Although it took me a little longer to really find my place, I knew somehow I would land on my feet because that’s just how I was. I knew if I made decisions every day that were honest, and felt right that I would always be on the right path. It’s okay that your journey doesn’t follow the mold of what you think you are supposed to be doing. Trust yourself. Embrace the uncertainty of not having your life totally planned out. Have faith in the way things develop, even the tough stuff. The greatest thing I have learned in life is that, you are not the only one still trying to figure it out. Everyone you know, no matter their age, are still learning, making mistakes, and becoming who they are all the time. There is no deadline to becoming the person you are meant to be.

Brittany Boote