Elopement Day After Session - RIAD CHAMALI Marrakech Morocco

I can’t believe I never fully blogged or posted this relaxed next day session in Marrakech. Hanging out with Caroline & Jacob was like we had known each other forever. Couldn’t imagine two sweeter people to be in a strange foreign land with! I always talk about how important your relationship with your community is, even on a larger world scale, the people I get to work with & new friends I meet always leave a lasting impression. Being home for the summer & fall has been rewarding. The weddings have been incredible. I learned that love stories are so universal & interesting wether they are in my backyard here in NEPA or in another country somewhere thousands a way. The love is always the constant. Always the common denominator. I care about every single wedding I show up to. The intimate ones. The backyard ragers. The classic church celebrations. The ones in far away places. Every single couple matters. I am grateful for every single opportunity that comes my way. Here is a peek at hanging with Caroline & Jacob in Marrakech the day after their Elopement shoot!

Brittany Boote