Paris Editorial : The First Fifteen Minutes.

I recently teamed up with french wedding planner & stylist Kasia Wright of French Grey Events, fashion model Justine Soranzo & hair and make-up team The French Beauty . My goal was to fuse together some modern, french & vintage tones to design a high fashion bridal editorial complete with looks by Sara Seven Gowns. Here on the blog, I am going to share with you our “Bridal Boudoir” portion of the shoot. This idea was a bit spontaneous and we decided to work it into the day as a little warm-up for our editorial. The full fashion editorial will launch with my new bridal & art publication Boots & Honey. Bridal Boudoir is something that I offer all of my clients & brides. It is an experience that connects you totally with your most seductive & flirty inner supermodel. Next to weddings, this type of session is what I do the most with new clients coming to the studio every week. This session was significantly shorter than a typical boudoir session lasting about an hour. We were able to get these flirty shots all in about 15 minutes before diving into our full on editorial. My approach to boudoir is not so much putting you in risqué poses, or guiding you into positions that just simply aren’t “you”. It’s really similar to my approach on my couples & wedding clients. I let you fall naturally into positions that make you feel confident & sexy, then I adjust, and give you little prompts and direction to achieve authentic, natural & comfortable compositions. I’ll guide you to take a deep breath, or make you giggle enough to get a super cute & sexy expression. You will feel comfortable, babely & ultimately excited about your self, your body and the unbelievable woman that you are. If you want to find out more about our bridal boudoir session just fill out the contact form here. In the meantime, check out the very first fifteen minutes of our Paris Editorial