If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!


Do you have reviews we can check out?

Yes! here is a link to my business facebook where clients have left so many kind words.

will you travel to our wedding?

I certainly will! Each travel quote is different because well, each trip varies in cost. I simply just add on the exact cost of the flight & accommodations. For the northeast region I charge .58/mile and it is added onto the total of your invoice.

How many photos do we get, can we print them?

For an 8 hour day, I deliver anywhere from 450-700 photos. This can all depend on how big your family is, how big your wedding party is, how many guests etc! The print release in is included in most of the packages! If you do order prints directly from me I will do skin retouching and lots of fine tuning to your selected images. However, you have the option to print where ever you prefer! Please keep in mind, we are big on quantity over quality. We want your gallery to tell a story.

when will we get our photos!?

I know the anticipation is soooo strong when waiting for your wedding photos. Depending on the time of year the gallery deliver time will vary. There are times when i deliver within a few days, there are times when it is more around a month. Since I know you are SO excited you will get 10-15 photo sneak peak immediately folllowing your wedding.

do you have insurance and back up gear (just incase!?)?

Yes! I have back ups for my back ups. I bring at least 4 professional DSLR bodies, back-up lighting, and lenses incase something malfunctions during your wedding day. My seconds shooters and assistants also have back-up gear. Also, we have business insurance and if your venue needs a certificate just send us an email!

if you’re booked for our date - can you help us find the right fit?

I certainly will! I get so bummed out when I really connect with a client and I am already booked for their wedding date. I offer bridal sessions for clients (Basically on a separate day, we get dressed up and go explore somewhere incredible to do some portraits where you aren’t crunched for time and not worried about a little mud on your dress) I also have a full service studio with a selection of incredible photographers that I prefer to work with for each wedding. The studio offers its own packages and pricing. You work directly with me as far as engagement, and planning your photography timeline and the delivery of your images. I also can send you links to some available colleagues that I know will take such good care of you guys.